You're a seasoned woman who's  young at heart and excited to see what this next chapter brings.  You can't waste a second feeling exhausted and you're ready to take care of your health and YOU.


Whether you're a:

  • Family woman (an empty nester, a mother, grandmother or wife) who's excited about the possibility of easily slipping into your favourite pair of jeans with all of the inches you’ll lose (especially around your waist). You’re very excited to live the second half of your life healthy and strong for both you and your family AND you really care about your future health and you know exercise and healthy eating are an important part of this, but you’re sick and tired of programs that take up your time, restrict you, or leave you sore and achy for days. 

  • Busy woman who's actively trying to make yourself a priority. You're ready to find some time  to make that happen, as long as you know the time you invest is a meaningful step in rediscovering the energy and excitement to live your best life. 

  • Woman who already spends time and energy walking, doing fitness classes, online workouts, or reading up on what you “need” to get healthy, lose weight and firm up. Only problem is, trying to do it on your own hasn't gotten you the  results you’re after.  You may even have gained a few more pounds or felt even more stiff as each attempt passes. 

  • Just getting started for the first time or after a long time off and you want to make sure you get the results you deserve on your terms and WITHOUT injury. 

You're in the right place

And I'm going to tell you EXACTLY how Over Fifty Fit & Fabulous will give you the ongoing support, motivation and the strategies to create your lasting transformation ON YOUR TERMS


You'll have experienced a wonderful transformation where your pant size drops as your energy increases, and you’ll have the knowledge to easily adapt this through the rest of your life. You'll: 


    When you increase lean muscle, you torch more belly fat, making shopping for that cruise trip bathing suit a fun and exciting adventure. It adds a whole new variety to your wardrobe and gives you the confidence to wear that brand-new sleeveless dress that makes your husband do a double take.


    You’ll feel stronger and accomplish more throughout your day. You can give your living-room the make-over you’ve dreamed up, then finish the garden by replanting those decorative pots, and you’ve still got energy to head to the concert for a girl’s night out.


    You send a clear “take charge” message to your body that it’s time to cooperate. YOU are in control of how you feel. This is your all-natural medication. The side effects may include: reversed signs of aging, reduced risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, type II diabetes, while creating a lifetime of joy. The possibilities are endless!


    The 3pm slump feels like a thing of the past. You wake up alert and excited to start your day because you’re sleeping so much better. Not only do you fall asleep the second you hit the pillow but you only wake up once to use the bathroom, and then fall right back asleep afterwards.


    The ability to master flexibility is built in to every weight training move. Whether it’s to skip up a set of stairs, two steps at a time, or to kneel down to play with the grandkids, then pop back up effortlessly when you’re chasing after them, you’re up for it.


    Get ready to  enjoy family dinners and special nights out as you continue to melt away the inches and feel strong. You'll create new non-restrictive eating habits and the freedom to adapt your fitness and weight loss journey to your life and your schedule. 

Since I started, I've Lost 42.1 inches! 13.5 of those inches are around my waist! 



I love Alicia’s coaching style she goes over moves with me if I'm not sure how to do them. She motivates me on our weekly meetings and pushes me to go further because she knows I can do it... Even when I think I can’t! Alicia is a very positive person!! 


60 years

Mireille 60 years old



The perfect package for participants who want to fast track their success with individual attention, tailored nutrition strategies, and monthly one-on-one coaching with Alicia

Need help ordering or have questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us today


Here’s what people say when asked why this plan is unlike any other they’ve experienced before.



*Results vary depending on goals, effort and start point.



Get unlimited access to your very own virtual coach who encourages you, supports you and answers your questions every step of the way.  


I’ll be your very own personal virtual coach, keeping you accountable, sparking your motivation and adapting each phase to YOU over the next 12 weeks.


To make sure you’ve mastered the movements and continue to see drops in your pant size as you feel rises in your strength and energy, you and I will meet monthly online for your one-on-one accountability sessions. 


I’m ready to gently push you towards a lifetime of success with consistent action steps so you can reach lasting fat loss, strength and optimal health.  


Together we’ll shape this program to fit you and your lifestyle, on your terms.

During Your Specialized V.I.P. Experience:

  • Receive the ultimate layer of accountability and motivation with expert advice, nutrition analysis, tips and tricks from your very own coach that keeps you on track every step of the way

  • Tailor every aspect of this program to fit your body and your lifestyle during monthly one-on-one sessions and unlimited ongoing support 

  • Bring your frustrations, questions and celebrations to your judgement-free coach. Together we’ll meet your goals, push through stubborn plateaus and stay on track



Throughout the entire length of the program, your motivation and determination will stay high with your very own virtual coach right there with you to encourage you, support you and answer your questions every step of the way.  


Along with your coach, you meet an exciting new group of supportive women who are becoming healthier, happier and more energized with you.  The group accountability meetings were voted by past participants as one of the most supportive and motivating features of this program, 


Even if you choose not to join the group, knowing you’ve got a judgement free community ready to push you towards a lifetime of success creates consistent action towards lasting fat loss, strength and optimal health.  


During the weekly group accountability meetings, you'll

  • Bring your frustrations, questions and celebrations into a supportive group community

  • Receive expert advice, modifications, tips and tricks LIVE every week 

  • Receive a judgement-free nudge to meet your goals and stay on track. This is the ultimate layer of accountability and motivation.

THE DISCOVERY PHASE:  Fitness Phase I:  (First 4 weeks)


Fitness Phase I:

(First 4 weeks)


Now that you’re in the program, it’s time to create your future fit body in bite sized steps, and it all begins with a deep dive discovery into YOU.  This is the phase that lays down the foundation for your lasting transformation for years to come. 


You start with an initial discovery session, where I guide you through a series of simple steps to reveal your unique starting point so you can create a clear vision, a set of goals for where you want to be. Whether your goal is to look like the most radiant mother of the bride, or to fit effortlessly into your favorite pair of jeans, your goals are tailored to you. 


Then, it’s time to introduce the 4 week fitness method that encompasses the most powerful, fundamental movement patterns that revv up your metabolism and ignite the transformation process.  These are the core movements that improve every aspect of your life, from bending down to pick up your grandkids to enhancing your confidence as your jeans begin to fit looser and your arms look firmer in a brand-new top. 

I’ll be motivating you and supporting you every step of the way. 



The Fitness Discovery Phase I


(First 4 weeks)

  • Empowers you with the skills and knowledge to forever adapt this program to your ever changing body and lifestyle. 

  • Walks you through the EXACT science backed fitness testing method that sets you up for lasting success.  You’ll gain deep insight into modifications and adaptations you may need to make while empowering you to feel firmer and stronger as you boost your fat burning metabolism. 

  • Teaches you how to see tangible results ON YOUR TERMS as you transform your physique with each passing week. You’ll feel proud you see results and confident you know exactly how to continue.

THE DISCOVERY PHASE:  Nutrition Phase I  (week 1-4)


Nutrition Phase I

(week 1-4)


 Gain deep insights into your current eating patterns, identify ones that may be sabotaging your success, and learn that with a few small changes you could make quick increases in your strength and shocking drops in your weight and waistline.


This is truly one of the most knowledge building nutrition phases you’ll ever experience as you gain scientific understanding of nutrient basics and discover the MUST KNOW food industry tactics that put you back in control of your food choices and pave the way for your strong and healthy weight loss. 


This is your new world where you enjoy a warm slice of bread or a savory bowl of pasta and still drop a pant size.

 Nutrition Discovery Phase I


(week 1-4)

  • Implement the most powerful healthy weight loss strategy that can double your weight loss rate (according to the largest and longest running weight loss trials ever conducted). 

  • Learn Must-Know nutrition knowledge that puts you in control of your food choices and gives you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the foods you love and live life on your terms. 

  • Analyze the foods you eat and make small changes that affect your energy, your strength and your waistline with a simple self-discovery tactic that the top wellness experts have been using for years.





(Week 5-8)


Get ready to create firm and strong Michelle Obama arms, a toned back, firm thighs and a lifted bottom all while climbing up-stairs, leaping to your feet, and even getting up from the ground easy to accomplish


This phase strategically targets hormone related belly fat while boosting  your stamina to accomplish twice as much in your day. 


You’ll be guided through the expert fitness formula to Adapt the workout speed, workout time and workout moves to your energy levels, your hormones, and your unique abilities, taking your belly fat burning potential to a whole new level.

The Fitness Adaptation Phase II


( weeks 5-8)

  • Master the  multi-joint movement plan that specifically targets belly fat  associated with age related hormone shifts.

  • Use the science backed injury-free adaptation techniques  that create a mobile and pain-free body.

  • Get ongoing expert advice to adapt and adjust your workouts while creating a fun and motivational experience.

THE ADAPTATION PHASE:  Nutrition Phase II  (week 5-8)


Nutrition Phase II

(week 5-8)


This is unlike any other nutrition skill you’ve ever applied. One that gives the knowledge, insight and understanding to forever change the way you eat and how you sculpt your physique, not only over the next 4 weeks, but for a lifetime. 


You’ll learn and apply the science backed strategies to adapt vital nutrients to your unique age and lifestyle. Hormones balance, you release belly fat and you feel excited to live a healthy, happy quality of life. 


All of those mystery reasons why you plateaued in the past or why you continued to gain weight will finally make sense and you’ll feel confident and motivated to create new healthy habits that you’re  excited to stick with.  


This is your strong, and healthy body designed by you.

Nutrition Adaptation Phase II


(week 5-8)

  • Learn how to feel in harmony with your body by identifying hormone imbalances and adjusting your nutrients accordingly. 

  • Know how to tailor your nutrients based on your age, your health and your lifestyle,  then put this knowledge into practice to shape your body and transform your health. 

  • Enjoy step-by-step instructional videos and coaching moments that give you the support and encouragement to feel excited and motivated every step of the way.




(Week 9-12)

This is most exciting stage of fitness and teh stage where you experience the most dramatic changes in your physique. Your bottom feels lifted, your abs flatter and your arms become firmer and more defined. 

Over the next 4 weeks you’ll recruit more lean muscle than in any other phase by transforming your body into an efficient, fat burning, body toning machine.


The strength techniques you’ll accomplish in this phase enhance the quality of your workout on a deep cellular level, literally reversing the signs of cellular aging and transforming your body into an efficient fat burning, body toning machine.  You increase your bone density, firm up the body and lose weight long after your workout is complete!

The Fitness Strenth Phase III


( weeks 5-8)

  • Do the expert exercise techniques that maximize your strength and burn more fat long after your workout is complete. You enhance your strength and torch more fat even while you sleep, you read, or watch TV.

  • Use science backed strength principles that give you the confidence  to accomplish feats you never thought you'd be able to do.

  • Receive expert  strategies to strengthen the body without heavy lifting for a pain-free experience. Much like every phase, you'll receive the guidance and support to tailor all of your workout moves to ensure feel on track as you  experience accelerated strength increases weekly.

THE STRENGTH PHASE:  Nutrition Phase III  (week 9-12)


Nutrition Phase III

(week 9-12)


The tools and insights you’ll learn in this phase is what has given hundreds of women I’ve coached the strength, the motivation and the encouragement to continue reaching new goals they never dreamed possible long after the program ends. 


You’ll  create  a foundation of emotional strength as we tackle emotional eating, the truth about willpower, and how to embrace a joyful balance with the foods you love.  


You’ll reinforce all of the principles you’ve learned up until now and feel confident and accomplished in your new healthy body, and you’ll know exactly where to go from here.  


Let’s not forget, you’ll end things off with a much-deserved celebration for your AMAZING success.  You made yourself a priority, you feel proud when you look in the mirror and you reclaimed your body and your health. 


So, let’s celebrate! You deserve it!



The perfect package for participants who want to fast track their success with individual attention, tailored nutrition strategies, and monthly one-on-one coaching with Alicia

Need help ordering or have questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us today

Over Fifty Fit and Fabulous




VALUE $497

You have the right to take a day off fitness without it ruining your hard work and efforts, you also have the right to spend LESS time exercising and still get amazing results. This is literally a busy lifestyle back up plan that keeps you on track no matter what life throws at you.

Having the freedom to adapt a fitness schedule to you hinges on one very important weight training rule and you’ll learn it in this section. This gives you the knowledge to  slash your workout time in half and still gain strength, improve your health and burn fat. 


At this point, you can choose high quality Quick-Fit workout options delivered at each phase of your fitness journey for when you want to fit in a shorter work out that maximizes your time. 

For nutrition you’ll have a complete breakdown of quick and easy to follow busy lifestyle back up plan nutrition strategies that keep you in control of your food choices even when you have an emergency meeting or an early morning flight to catch. 

You'll always Have a Back Up Plan! With This Bonus You'll

  • Get the benefit of your full body workout in less time and on your schedule with the Quick-Fit workout options

  • Learn the Golden rule to making any workout plan fit YOU, on your terms

  • Stay full and satisfied on-the-go with snack options, on-the-go meal options and easy to follow guidelines that take away the stress of figuring out what to eat, when you’re on the go or when your nutrition plan changes



VALUE $227

Get an exciting new bonus cardio core workout and ANOTHER stretch Quick-Fit workout waiting for you at each phase of your fitness journey. 


The cardio core bonuses give you a simple and effective way to get your body moving on off- workout days (only if you want to), while emphasizing an hourglass figure, a healthy strong back and a rush of energizing endorphins. 


Cardio core workouts have high and low impact options so you can adapt the workouts to you. 


Then melt away into a relaxing moment of you time. The calming stretch routines give your body the flexibility and mobility to move freely throughout your day. You’ll sleep better, feel lighter and move with ease.



VALUE $597

Get fun and creative food ideas, daily motivation, swap tips and give and receive feedback from supportive women at the same stage of life going through their transformation with you. 


This is a safe place to share your celebrations and success stories and give and receive encouragement and support. 


All of your questions are answered by your fitness expert coach who pops into the group DAILY to make sure all questions are answered.  


Your fitness coach also comes on LIVE once a week for the next 12 weeks. This is above and beyond the weekly group accountability meetings, meaning you have your very own guide to support you, encourage you, and answer your questions live, not once but twice weekly. 


You also have forever access to this group of supportive women, which makes it easy to celebrate your new healthy, vibrant life for years to come. 



The perfect package for participants who want to fast track their success with individual attention, tailored nutrition strategies, and monthly one-on-one coaching with Alicia

Need help ordering or have questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us today

14-Day Risk Free Trial


Over Fifty Fit and Fabulous is the only Transformation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to exercise and eat for lasting fat loss and strength, but it also teaches you to embrace a life without restriction, where you’re in control of how your body looks, functions and feels in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. 

Risk Free Money Back 100% guaranteed

A program designed specifically for women over 50 to:


Release belly fat associated with age


Give you the strength and stamina to live your best, most fulfilling life.


Improve your health and ignite your energy in a way that fits easily and effortlessly into your day.


Enroll right now to begin your transformation, with instant access to your very first set of fitness discovery workouts, your fitness assessment and goal setting, as well as step-by-step Starter’s nutrition guidance. 


PLUS you’ll get instant access to the members only Facebook community to connect right away with your new coach and other participants that are supporting and encouraging you every step of the way. 


If you don’t feel excited and motivated to continue, simply reach out to me, Alicia, within 14 days. Show me you’ve put in the work, and I’ll give you a full refund of your investment so you can try to get results elsewhere. >>Full Details Here<<



The perfect package for participants who want to fast track their success with individual attention, tailored nutrition strategies, and monthly one-on-one coaching with Alicia

Need help ordering or have questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us today


How will this program be worth it for me? 

I have a busy schedule. How much time do I need to invest in this program?

I have just turned 57 and I’m carrying a lot of extra weight. Plus, I’m a complete workout beginner.   Am I a good candidate for this program? Please be honest.

Can I do the nutrition section of this program if I’m a vegetarian?

Can I pay in Canadian dollars?

I'm in my 70's. Are there other participants my age in the program? 

Do I need to join a gym or buy fancy workout equipment? 

What if I'm not on Facebook. Will I be able to use the program?

I’ve got a bad back and arthritis in my knee. Is this program a good fit for me?

What if I don't want to lose weight? 

What is the Refund policy?



The perfect package for participants who want to fast track their success with individual attention, tailored nutrition strategies, and monthly one-on-one coaching with Alicia

Need help ordering or have questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us today

You Should Give Over Fifty Fit & Fabulous

a 14 Day Risk-Free Shot

If You Can Relate to Any of the Following: 

YES You want to look good, but you want to feel good too! 



Even with your best intentions, your pant size is increasing year by year and you don’t know how to make the cycle stop, EVEN while your joints continue screeching, and you’re not sleeping well.


You're young at heart, but you find yourself saying things like, “I feel old.” (especially when you find yourself holding on to the couch to get up from the floor)


And in the back of your mind you worry because you're the same age as your mother was when she first ran into poor health...


Not to mention as seasoned woman with a list of to-do’s, appointments to get to, household chores to finish, and family and work responsibilities that keep piling up, you literally can’t afford to get sick, or feel too tired to get things done. 


You want to feel healthy, energized and strong but just as importantly, You want to look in the mirror and feel proud of the woman staring back. 


That's why you're motivated now more than ever to invest in the next few months , so you can not only learn how to eat and exercise for your exact age and stage of life, but you learn  EXACTLY how to adapt these strategies to your schedule and your life. 


This time it's different!


You're ready to eliminate restriction, and create the freedom and joy to live every moment of life, not only for you, but for your family, your friends and and the creation of beautiful memories yet to come! 

Since I started, I've Lost 20 pounds and over 12 inches from around my waist! 



I’m grateful because this program has helped me mentally as well as physically, and I intend to keep up with all I’ve learned. My “new” body, my new friends, my “new” clothes - those are just a few of the benefits of this wonderful program


57 years

Angela 57 years old


I’ve succeeded in maintaining my own weight loss results and strength goals for over 20 years, and I’ve helped hundreds of women over 50 do it too! 


I am so passionate about specifically teaching women over 50 because you are at this amazing stage of life where you know who you are. You have the truest potential to savor every moment of life. There’s just this one area holding you back… 


After helping hundreds of women create their lasting transformation, I know the EXACT methods that can help you melt away the inches, create the strength to lift the grandbabies and the energy to feel fully present for the joyful moments.


And as a confident woman who's ready to celebrate this next chapter of life, don't you think you owe it to yourself, and your health to take the risk-free plunge?


Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee this next 12 weeks will be the  life changing transformation you've been waiting for. Inside and out! 


I can't wait to to get started with you! 

A Personal invitation from Alicia



The perfect package for participants who want to fast track their success with individual attention, tailored nutrition strategies, and monthly one-on-one coaching with Alicia

Need help ordering or have questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us today